Regulatory Risk Management Solutions

Minimize regulatory risk with Intralinks.

Timely and accurate regulatory reporting is critical to managing your regulatory risk, as failing to file, or filing inaccurate reports, can lead to serious consequences. Yet even as regulatory frameworks continue to grow more complex, compliance teams are being asked to do more with less.

To mitigate regulatory risk, you need secure document exchange technology that allows you to manage reporting and collaboration easily. The right solution should simplify file sharing with partners like legal counsel, consultants, CPA firms, service providers and regulators. Above all, your solution for reducing regulatory risk must be secure enough to prevent inadvertent leaks, hacks and loss of data.

As the leading provider of secure file sharing solutions for enterprises throughout the world, Intralinks can help. Our end-to-end regulatory compliance solution is designed to help manage reporting and reduce regulatory risk.

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Intralinks streamlines reporting to reduce regulatory risk.

Intralinks’ solutions and services allow companies to share, manage and collaborate securely with anyone, anytime and anywhere, without fear that sensitive information will be lost, exposed or stolen.

Our secure enterprise platform provides tools for large-scale virtual data rooms, collaborative team workspaces and simple file sync and share. The Intralinks platform delivers everything you need to collaborate on high-value content across teams, partners, counterparties and regulators.

Intralinks helps you get more done with fewer resources. Create, manage and share reports easily and securely with auditable operational controls. Mitigate operational and regulatory risk by improving the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reporting, and streamline and automate the tasks involved in creating reports to reduce regulatory risk.

Key benefits for lowering regulatory risk.

With Intralinks’ tools for regulatory risk management, you can:

  • Streamline reporting: Create and aggregate sequential and parallel reports to accommodate different workflows and timelines, centralize question and answer functions, automatically generate notifications and create tasks and assignments.
  • Improve security: Protect reports with file-level encryption, keep reports secure while being stored or transmitted, and establish granular audit trails to demonstrate chain of ownership.
  • Simplify regulatory risk management: Share files effortlessly to improve regulator communication and partner collaboration, maintain control over who can view, edit, print and forward documents, and create a single gold copy of your compliance manual, policies and procedures for internal and external contacts.

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