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Share information freely with a secure document exchange solution.

Secure document exchange is the cornerstone of business productivity. Your employees share sensitive information internally with colleagues and externally with partners, vendors and regulators. While secure collaboration software facilitates secure document exchange, most enterprise file sharing software is cumbersome, difficult to manage and costly to implement.

Intralinks VIA ® is different. As a scalable SaaS-based solution, you can deploy Intralinks immediately without investing capital in new hardware or software. Our platform is simple to use and enables employees to share files and sensitive data quickly and easily, without having to manage encryption keys or worry about extra security measures. Intralinks’ services allow administrators and content owners to maintain complete control over secure document exchange by easily setting permissions or revoking access to any document.

Intralinks VIA is a secure document exchange solution that meets the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and auditing.

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Intralinks simplifies secure document exchange.

As an enterprise collaboration and virtual data room company, Intralinks provides a powerful platform for secure document exchange. Intralinks makes file sharing and cross enterprise collaboration easy with secure file sync and share, collaborative teamwork spaces, large-scale virtual data rooms and structured workflows.

Intralinks VIA works seamlessly with existing systems to provide a highly secure file sharing and collaboration environment. Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device. That’s why more than 90,000 clients, depend on Intralinks for secure document exchange in a wide variety of industries.

UNshare® documents easily with Intralinks secure document exchange.

Intralinks gives you complete control of your documents, enabling seamless sharing and “un-sharing” – a simple and effective way to revoke file access. Even after a file has been downloaded to a personal computer or mobile device, you have the power to UNshare® it at any time.

Intralinks VIA enables you to:

  • Collaborate effortlessly: Easily share files internally and externally; view, edit and comment on shared documents using any computer or device; and work with Office® documents in their native format – without leaving your secure environment.
  • Maximize security: Protect every file from end-to-end with automatic encryption, and employ customer managed keys for total control over document security.
  • Simplify management: Reduce the burden on IT with advanced administrative capabilities that let users manage permissions without requiring help from IT staff.

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