Secure virtual data room

Streamline collaboration with a secure virtual data room.

A secure virtual data room is the industry standard when it comes to information sharing for high-stakes transactions and M&A. In contrast to the physical data room, a secure virtual data room is faster to set up, less expensive to manage and easier to access for all stakeholders. The right data room software also simplifies the post merger integration process, and enables you to easily migrate documents used during M&A due diligence. Perhaps most importantly, an online deal room lets you manage more deals in less time.

Choosing the best and most secure virtual data room solution will help you accelerate M&A dealmaking. For thousands of companies around the world, Intralinks is the virtual data room company of choice.

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Intralinks’ secure virtual data room: trusted by more Fortune 1000 companies.

With more than 90,000 customers, Intralinks is the industry’s most trusted provider of secure collaboration and file sharing solutions. Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition enables you to set up a secure virtual data room that streamlines workflows, simplifies organization, controls access and meets compliance standards while ensuring the highest levels of security.

With a secure virtual data room powered by Intralinks, you can:

  • Protect sensitive information: Secure all your PDF and Microsoft Office® files without plug-ins or loss of fidelity.
  • Organize documents easily: Collect all pre-deal paperwork in one place, automatically index files and easily rename documents.
  • Work more efficiently: Use the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate due diligence.
  • Simplify access: Manage all sell-side aspects of transactions with secure mobile apps.
  • Implement quickly: Take advantage of self-launch data rooms to quickly and easily stage a secure virtual data room prior to launch.

Key features of Intralinks’ secure virtual data room.

When you choose Intralinks deal room software, you get a feature-rich toolset to help you manage your secure virtual data room effectively. Features include:

  • Web and mobile interfaces, plus a desktop bulk upload and configuration tool.
  • Pre-configured solutions for common deal types, including permission management models, content templates and folder structures.
  • Q&A workflow for handling deals with multiple stakeholders.
  • Multilingual support for internal and external users, and dedicated customer service managers who can speed project startup and implement best practices.

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