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Streamline management of syndicated lending with Intralinks.

When you’re engaged in syndicated lending, reducing risk and managing information in real time is always a priority – and a challenge.

Intralinks can help. We provide syndicated lending solutions with tools to simplify secure content sharing, track your deal pipeline more easily and improve client communication. By reducing the amount of time you spend managing documents and information, you’ll free up resources to focus on more important priorities in the business of banking and syndicated lending.

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Smarter client interactions

Intralinks’ syndicated lending solutions enable smarter client interactions.

Our secure platform enables enterprises in a wide variety of industries to share documents securely, manage information efficiently and collaborate with anyone, anytime and anywhere – without having to worry about security breaches or hacks.

Intralinks’ secure, cloud-based repository for storing and sharing data can be accessed from nearly any device. File-level encryption protects data and documents no matter where they travel or reside. Granular controls let you set access rights for viewing, editing, printing and downloading, and revoke access to any document at any time – even after it has been downloaded and stored on a personal device.

In syndicated lending, Intralinks improves collaboration and communication to deliver smarter interactions with clients. To manage deals more effectively, Intralinks provides:

  • An easy-to-use platform that improves client communication and saves time, from pitch to close
  • Comment and activity tracking to enhance customer relationship management
  • Customized reporting that delivers a deeper look at real-time client behavior
  • Sole and joint book building tools that make collaboration on deals more efficient
  • Dashboards that deliver instantaneous views of syndication status

Key benefits for syndicated lending.

With Intralinks’ solutions for syndicated lending, you can:

  • Streamline document management: Use a virtual data room (VDR) to improve document sharing for primary syndication, agency servicing and loan trading.
  • Simplify amendment voting: Oversee and master the voting process in real time.
  • Expand deal management capabilities: Use Intralinks’ partnership with Misys, the #1 leading provider of financial services software, to mitigate legal and operational risk and increase effectiveness companywide.
  • Manage syndicated lending compliance more easily: Streamline compliance and regulatory risk management activities. Control access to material nonpublic information proactively, implement comprehensive monitoring of employee access, and establish private versus public declaration.

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Key benefits for syndicated lending

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