E-Book: Software-as-a-Service: Neue Verfahren für Informationsaustausch im modernen Geschäftsumfeld: Teil II – auf Englisch

This is Part II of an eBook series that examines the business demands driving the growth of a new type of enterprise content management solution delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model called an online workspace for critical information exchange.

Part I of this series explores the limitations of traditional approaches to business-critical information sharing and provides an overview of online workspaces as an alternative to the current document management methods. It also defines the SaaS delivery model for enterprise content management (ECM), describes the business benefits of online workspaces, and provides examples of how these workspaces support critical information exchange for document-intensive processes.

This eBook provides guidelines for IT and business decision-makers seeking a document management and exchange solution to support business-critical processes.