Portfolio Loan Sales

The biggest deals don’t just happen behind closed doors. They’re made within closed clouds.

Organize and share all the documents necessary to successfully complete your next portfolio loan sale in an Intralinks Debtspace Virtual Data Room (VDR). 

Get the deal done faster. And more securely.

Intralinks DebtspaceTM Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) enable you to work smarter not, harder. Sell your portfolio of loans faster when you remove the limitations imposed by geography, time, and devices. Get your deal underway sooner with Intralinks Designer, by bulk uploading users and due diligence documents with IRM by design™, featuring built-in information rights management to ensure lifetime control over your content.

An Intralinks Debtspace VDR can change the way you think about marketing loan portfolios:

  • Securely exchange critical information within an entirely searchable repository
  • Focus on the most interested buyers with reporting tools for seeing who’s accessed what and when
  • Speed due diligence and keep buyers engaged with notifications when new information is sent
  • Respond in real-time to investor requests and Q&A, and automatically route questions to subject-matter experts
  • Manage access down to the document level, and organize information based on function, role, or on a need-to-know basis
  • Always be audit ready with an electronic paper trail of the entire marketing process

Intralinks Debtspace™

Broad visibility and tighter control. Sell your portfolio of loans more intelligently and efficiently with Intralinks Debtspace™.

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