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ATMU wählte Intralinks für die Bereitstellung eines sicheren On-Demand-Datenraums, über den Investoren im Handumdrehen auf aktuelle Informationen zugreifen können. 

"Intralinks was crucial in helping us deliver our fund. By using Intralinks Exchanges we saved valuable time and guaranteed information integrity as the platform enables document level control and provides anonymity for all parties involved.” 

– Tim Li, Business Manager, ATMU Group

The Situation

ATMU, the leading ATM provider in China, is dedicated to providing its partners the most sophisticated financial services systems. As a result, it has made great strides in developing China’s financial services outsourcing industry. ATMU wanted to attract external investment to further develop the business and to expand globally.

The Problem

To accomplish their goal, ATMU needed to efficiently and securely present the relevant collateral to potential investors in the due diligence process.

The Implications

From previous experiences raising funds, ATMU knew that manual methods such as couriers and email were costly, time consuming and lacked the necessary level of security. Having committed to providing leading edge technology to its customers, ATMU realized that an online platform was the only answer and sought a best in class solution that would fulfill its needs.

The Solution

ATMU looked to its financial advisor for its recommendation and evaluated the shortlist of technology providers. Being the pioneer of virtual data rooms, IntraLinks was the clear choice as it provided the most advanced technology at the right price.

The Result

In July 2009, ATMU adopted Intralinks Exchanges for the secure and compliant exchange of critical information with prospective investors, guaranteeing a smooth due diligence process. By May 2010, the fundraising target was met. 

The Benefit

From the brief to implementation, the dataroom took four days to set up. Intralinks provided ATMU with the training and support it needed to design its dataroom for its investors and upload all the necessary documents. ATMU found that the most significant benefits of using Intralinks were time efficiencies and confidentiality. Documents were instantly uploaded, making them available 24/7/365 to potential investors across time zones and continents, which sped up the fundraising process by at least 50%. Security was also paramount as ATMU was able to control document access and enable audit tracking of the type, amount and timing of review, delivering intelligence and insight into investor intent.