Claris Lifesciences – auf Englisch

Als Claris Lifesciences einen einheitlichen Online-Speicher für seine kritischen Informationen einführen wollte, entschied sich das Unternehmen für Intralinks®, um die Zusammenarbeit zu beschleunigen, die Kommunikation zu verbessern und Branchenstandards einzuhalten. 

"We have been very impressed with Intralinks and its solution. The corporate repository offers the highest level of security and has allowed all parties access anytime and anywhere to our critical business data.” 

– Mr. Roopesh Madan, Vice President of IT, Claris Lifesciences

The Situation

Claris Lifesciences is one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India and has a presence in 76 countries worldwide. With a vast amount of sensitive information. The company needed a consolidated, streamlined and efficiently managed system that could be securely accessed by internal and external parties globally.

The Problem

Claris Lifesciences was conducting regulatory and product related technical diligence with business alliance partners and advisory companies and needed to undertake these global interactions simultaneously. Claris Lifesciences needed an online solution to keep documents secure, yet accessible, regardless of time zone or language.

The Implications

Using email and couriers to distribute its confidential documentation was not secure, was not cost efficient, and lengthened time frames and decreased easy access to information.

The Solution

Claris Lifesciences implemented an Intralinks Exchange, a powerful corporate repository for all employees and external business partners around the world. It provides easy and secure access and exchange of up-to-the-minute information 24/7/365. Claris Lifesciences chose Intralinks as many potential users were already familiar with the platform, a support team was based in India and most importantly Intralinks offered the most secure solution on the market.

The Result

From the brief to implementation, the Intralinks Exchange took only three days to set up. Intralinks provided Claris Lifesciences with the training and support it needed to set up the exchange and upload 30,000 pages of due diligence data onto the system. 

The Benefit

Using Intralinks has made the Claris Lifesciences’ critical data more accessible and auditable. Time and security have been cited as the biggest advantages. Information can now be located at a click of a button and the Document Locking & Protection feature ensures paramount security by restricting document printing, forwarding and saving, as well as enabling watermark security. In addition, there has been a positive response from all parties about the usability of the Intralinks platform and that the customer service team is extremely helpful. Following the comprehensive training program, Claris Lifesciences commented that the project was a simple process that was easy to administer and appreciated IntraLinks’ reliability and flexibility.