IW Management Services – auf Englisch

Für den Verkauf eines seiner Unternehmen richtete IW Management Services einen virtuellen Datenraum (VDR) von Intralinks für die Due-Diligence über den gesamten M&A-Prozess ein. 

“To do business with a global audience in a secure, timely and cost effective way meant we needed to implement a virtual data room. Intralinks provided a truly excellent solution and exceptional service. We will definitely use Intralinks again in the future for all M&A transactions.” 

–Tony Seeto, Chairman and Financial Director of IW Management Services

The Situation

IW Management Services, a consulting and investment company headquartered in Hong Kong, historically used physical data rooms to house important due diligence information. During recent sales however, IW Management Services found that this method created greater expense due to rising travel costs, added time to complete the transaction, and limited the amount of buyers available to access its critical information.

The Problem

In its latest sale, IW Management Services’ buyer was a multi-national company with specialist teams in numerous locations across the world, making it virtually impossible to run a successful deal from a physical data room. IW Management Services soon realized that they needed to break away from using their old tactics in order to enable a successful cross-border transaction.

The Implications

Another option would be to send the relevant documents by parcel delivery or via email, but this would also prove expensive, timely and insecure. In this deal, the only viable option was to implement a VDR to enable relevant parties to access the documentation from any web browser, simultaneously, reducing the overall review time and eliminating much of the expense incurred by a physical data room.

The Solution

Being the pioneer of virtual data rooms, Intralinks was the clear choice as it provided the most advanced technology at the right price and has a proven track record with over one million users.

The Result

IW Management Services implemented an Intralinks VDR and completed the deal within six months, saving more than 20 percent of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses compared to traditional methods. 

The Benefit

IW Management Services enjoyed many benefits from using Intralinks beyond the obvious time and cost savings. IntraLinks’ best-in-class security features allowed IW Management Services to control document access to ensure there was no unauthorized printing, copying or downloading of documents. In addition, it enabled audit trail tracking, eliminating untraceable information leaks and reducing compliance risk. IW Management Services was also impressed with the service delivered by the Intralinks team throughout the entire transaction. Prior to implementing the VDR, Intralinks provided access to the platform, which allowed IW Management Services to validate the value of using the solution. During the due diligence process itself, Intralinks provided 24/7 support and after the transaction, Intralinks provided a DVD of the VDR for audit purposes.