Trends, Herausforderungen und Technologienutzung in einer dynamischen M&A-Umgebung – auf Englisch

Mithilfe integrierter Technologien können unstrukturierte Prozesse umgestaltet werden, um alle M&A-Abläufe zu vereinfachen, von der Strategiefestlegung über die Deal-Organisation bis hin zur Transaktionsabwicklung.

Given the importance of M&A and the complex challenges that organizations face in their M&A endeavors, it is surprising that the approach to M&A is so unstructured. Integrated technologies can transform an unstructured process by facilitating all dimensions of the M&A process including defining strategy, organizing a deal, and executing a transaction.

In March 2010, Intralinks commissioned Forrester Consulting to analyze M&A trends, challenges, technology use, and the satisfaction associated with the use of those tools. The objective was to identify the criteria for successful, structured processes and the capabilities required by next-generation M&A management tools. For this purpose, Forrester Consulting conducted an online survey with 219 M&A professionals from corporations and advisory firms worldwide.

2. June 2015