Cómo compartir documentos corporativos confidenciales sin comprometer la seguridad y la gobernanza — en Inglés

Este documento informativo de 6 páginas detalla los beneficios de contar con una herramienta adecuada para la colaboración entre empresas que garantice el uso compartido seguro de documentos y la colaboración de los equipos. También explica qué se debe tener en cuenta al buscar un proveedor.

Business is about preparing for and responding to opportunities

For many companies, in particular in industries like pharmaceuticals, software development, or entertainment, their intellectual property is more valuable than any physical asset. And with the increasing need to collaborate with external business partners to accelerate product life cycles and enhance innovation, there is a greater risk for sensitive information to be compromised.

In this 6-page white paper, discover the benefits of how the right inter-enterprise collaboration tool can ensure secure document sharing and team collaboration, and what to keep in mind as you look for a provider.  

13 March 2015