Andino Investment Holding (AIH) — en Inglés

Andino Investment Holding (AIH) es un conglomerado de 14 empresas peruanas que se dedican al comercio internacional y son líderes en proporcionar servicios logísticos y portuarios, e infraestructura.

In the last decade, AIH has established a range of services encompassing practically the entire port and airport logistical chain in Peru. 

The Problem

In 2011, AIH purchased minority shares from its partners in key companies in its portfolio in order to consolidate cash flow and speed business growth. In keeping with this goal, the decision was taken to list the company on the Lima Stock Exchange (LMA) and to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares to finance short-term next projects. Having the right IT platform to securely conduct the deal — and distribute sensitive documentation — between legal, executive board, financial teams, and investment banks was a necessity for success.

The Implications

An IPO would involve an immense volume of data. Once the teams responsible for the structure, placement, financial and legal council for the IPO were determined, they needed to organize the fast and efficient exchange of information to support due diligence. Sensitive documents would need to be exchanged among internal and external partners both, and with proper audit controls to make sure everyone had access to the right data, at the right times. 

The Solution

AIH chose Intralinks Dealspace as its data room solution to ensure that all parties would have access to pertinent data immediately. Intralinks Dealspace was up and running quickly, and with well-defined content organization and granular access control, all parties involved were able to securely and promptly interact with content in a timely fashion through a user-friendly interface.

The Result

AIH placed 34.8 million shares on the Lima Stock Exchange among more than 500 new shareholders. The deal was considered a success, and the company stated their Intralinks Dealspace collaboration platform contributed significantly to the structuring, dissemination, and promotion of the operation, providing appropriate and efficient access to information. Important documentation got to the right personnel, at the right time, with no impediments to the progression of the deal. The IPO provided the funds to enable AIH to lower existing debt and begin new infrastructure projects. 

The Benefits 

During the marketing phase of the IPO, Intralinks enabled access to multiple potential investors prospects as AIH team members made visits to institutional investors in various cities in Peru, Chile and Columbia. At the same time, AIH held promotional events in the retail investment sector, and through Intralinks Dealspace, was able to provide investors access to information in the data room in real-time. Intralinks provided the versatility and fast implementation AIH needed to keep the project moving forward.