Interflex Group, Inc. — en Inglés

La compañía internacional de envasado Interflex Group utilizó por primera vez Intralinks para un negocio en 2005. Tres años después, la compañía volvió a confiar en Intralinks para facilitar una adquisición estratégica.

The Problem

In 2008, the Interflex Group sought to grow its flexible packaging portfolio with the acquisition of EBR Limited. For ease-of-use and secure access to due diligence information for team members in the United States and Scotland, as well as investment partners and their constituents, Interflex needed an online dataroom.

The Implications

The company’s small finance team knew its traditional practice of scanning and faxing documents and sending via email was neither efficient, nor cost-effective. Dealing with frequent bouncebacks of emails containing large attachments added to the complex information sharing process. In addition, such practices provided little reassurance that important documents were being received and reviewed by their intended receipts.

The Solution

Interflex had used Intralinks in 2005 when it sold a portion of its business to a private equity group and recapitalized its business. Interflex CFO Bill Elkin had been impressed by the efficiency and ease-of-use provided by Intralinks in 2005 and was confident about using the platform again for the pending deal. He was highly impressed by the improved navigation and added features offered by IntraLinks’ updated platform.

The Result

In half the time it would have taken with a traditional dataroom, Interflex finalized its acquisition of EBR Limited.  With Intralinks real-time reporting, the finance team actively monitored usage to anticipate critical areas of concern and better prepare for meetings. Having one central location for critical documents ensured that team members were always reviewing the most recent versions. Tracking capabilities greatly improved the revision process of contracts and purchase agreements, saving time and money. The end result was a smooth due diligence process for all parties involved.

The Benefit

Interflex continues to use Intralinks for its M&A activities. Elkin believes that having an online dataroom makes Interflex a more efficient and attractive buyer or seller. Being able to tell prospects that documents can be ready for review in days rather than weeks gives Interflex a competitive advantage. The company is currently using Intralinks to facilitate another acquisition— a deal Elkin intends to close in just seven weeks thanks in part to the efficiencies and time-savings afforded by Intralinks. 


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