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Hurwitz: Cómo evitar la pugna entre productividad y control — en Inglés

Este informe de la encuesta de Hurwitz aborda los desafíos que plantea el uso de herramientas de colaboración —por ejemplo, los errores accidentales en el manejo de la información— y suministra los requisitos técnicos y comerciales para crear un entorno de colaboración segura.

Why 49% of organizations block the use of consumer sync-and-share applications.

This Hurwitz survey report addresses the challenges of using collaboration tools and the technical and business requirements for creating a secure collaboration environment. Key challenges identified in the research include:

  • Organizations often lack visibility and control over how they share information.
  • Employees are using consumer-grade file sharing without IT or business oversight.
  • The accidental mishandling of information and data happens every day.
  • Securing the perimeter and infrastructure does not ensure content security.
  • Regulatory issues around content security are real and evolving.

To learn more about the findings from this Hurwitz survey, please use the form to the right to download the survey report.