The Intralinks Secure Mobile app has been replaced by the new Intralinks app. 

Please begin using it today!

With the Intralinks app, you can:

  • View documents and download them for offline use.
  • Open documents in other apps. (For example, you can view spreadsheets in your Excel app.)
  • Annotate PDFs and upload your changes to your exchange.
  • Add files from Photos, Mail and other apps.
  • Move, copy and delete documents from your exchange.
  • Manage document permissions
  • Add, move and delete folders.
  • Share links to documents and folders with other exchange members.
  • View information about other exchange members.
  • Add, modify and remove users and groups.
  • Use document access reports to identify your most active users and groups.
  • Choose which exchanges can be viewed on mobile devices and manage other settings.
  • Create and respond to questions if your exchange uses Intralinks’ Q&A feature.

(The specific features available to you depend upon your role within each exchange and the features that have been enabled for the exchange. Managers must allow their exchanges to be viewed on mobile devices, so some exchanges may not be available on your device.)