Intralinks Dealmanager pour les divisions M&A des entreprises

82%* of dealmakers have concerns about managing their deals

Finally. A single, secure vantage point over all your deals.

Intralinks Dealmanager for corporate development is an innovative deal management software application for controlling all phases of your deal lifecycle – from initial deal evaluation through due diligence to closing.

Most corporate development professionals struggle with obsolete methods of deal management: information stored across numerous hard drives, sensitive deal data tracked in multiple Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, frequent conference calls with the deal team to gauge project status, and a myriad of emails that flood their inbox.

Corporate development teams need daily visibility into the deal pipeline – and the ability to manage the deal process effectively across all phases of the deal lifecycle. Intralinks Dealmanager lets your corporate development team:

Implement a standardized process.

Add structure to the evaluation and execution of potential acquisition opportunities by leveraging a secure technology platform specifically designed to support your continuous deal activities.

Create a living archive. 
Intralinks' deal management software allows you to access all M&A deal data from a central point. Easily view, archive, or repurpose financial models, market research, or due diligence from past transactions. Maintain an easily accessed record of the entire deal.

Enjoy complete visibility.
Quickly generate reports on deal progress and pipeline activity for senior executives.

Streamline collaboration.
Track progress and keep team members and third-party partners aware of action items throughout the entire deal lifecycle with the Intralinks Dealmanager tasking feature.

Work with security.
Reduce risk and improve compliance by reducing reliance on emails or unsecure data. 

Work with Security

To keep the acquisition process moving, your team needs a secure, readily accessible deal management solution that acts as a system of record for all of your deals and helps to standardize the deal process.

*Based on recent survey results



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