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Devant trouver un acheteur pour une entreprise de recrutement (la « Société ») sur le point d’être mise sous administration judiciaire, CV Capital LLP, le centre de services financiers aux entreprises de Chantrey Vellacott DFK LLP, a sélectionné Intralinks pour soutenir la due diligence et faciliter la vente. 

“On a project like this, it’s about facilitating a deal under intense time pressure. Intralinks allows you to do exactly that, securely, whilst staying in control of the entire process.”

– Nick Hodgkinson, Executive, Corporate Finance, CV Capital LLP 

The Problem

CV Capital needed to get all of the Company’s information to potential buyers quickly as part of an accelerated M&A process. This involved an accelerated go-to-market phase, sending confidentiality agreements and teaser documentation to about a dozen parties in a matter of hours.

The Implications

CV Capital identified several serious bidders. However, using a physical dataroom to conduct due diligence would have been a logistical nightmare, trying to schedule multiple parties to go onsite to review the confidential information. In addition, the Company had nearly 150 documents that needed to be reviewed in a tight timeframe while CV Capital maintained interest and momentum with potential acquirers.

The Solution

Chantrey Vellacott and CV Capital chose Intralinks to securely manage the due diligence process. The data was easily uploaded to an Intralinks exchange for potential buyers to review. Intralinks’ reporting functionality let CV Capital know who was accessing and printing which documents and when, helping the deal team to better prepare for questions and understand how buyers would value the Company.

Also, the interested parties were, in most cases, already authorized to access other Intralinks exchanges and did not have to maintain multiple passwords – they could use their single Intralinks password and access the already-familiar platform.

The Result

The solution helped Chantrey Vellacott and CV Capital to find a buyer for the Company in just two weeks as well as to control the whole process. In addition, using Intralinks meant that the various teams could access everything from their desktops. Requests for more information only required a few mouse clicks to fulfill, which ultimately resulted in completing the deal in half the time it would have taken using a physical dataroom. Further, the Company was able to spend more time focusing on its day-to- day operations and less time on deal-related administrative duties.

Intralinks also added a degree of flexibility to the process. For example, it was important to be able to quickly bring in other interested parties, if necessary, which was possible to do in minutes using Intralinks.

In the end, a successful transaction was completed with minimal disruption to the Company.

The Unexpected Benefit

Based on the success of using Intralinks for the due diligence process, Chantrey Vellacott and CV Capital are looking at potential uses for their other clients including charities, which require a large amount of information to be shared among their board of trustees. 


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