National Australia Bank, Limited (NAB) – en anglais

National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) s’est tournée vers Intralinks pour disposer d’une méthode sécurisée de partage d’informations confidentielles pour les transactions M&A. 

The Problem

In order to streamline the way it shares information with others, NAB wanted to move from the traditional physical data room to a more secure virtual portal where NAB, its advisors and counterparties could have unlimited access to confidential documents from any location in the world. 

The Solution

Intralinks provided NAB with a user-friendly and secure online platform for use in acquisition and divestment transactions. The platform offers the ability to upload confidential documents including key customer contracts, employee information, operational information, financial information and regulatory returns. The documents can then be accessed anywhere in the World, including through the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads.

The Result

NAB has provided its team with a truly global tool enabling it to efficiently execute due diligence exercises. Intralinks offers a simple to use and robust platform that is readily able to handle the datarooms used by NAB, which can be as large as 30,000 pages. 

The Benefit

Intralinks has made acquisition and divestment transactions a more efficient experience for the NAB team. The cloud-based platform’s tracking system offers NAB the opportunity to take a closer look at what information is being read and accessed.