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En se dotant d’un référentiel d’entreprise en ligne, NTSG a amélioré la communication parmi ses équipes complexes et globales, et a réalisé un gain de 20 à 30 % d’efficacité. 

"We never envisioned it was going to be this easy to have a secure, common repository. We now have a comprehensive approach to our document control.” 

– Deborah McCarthy, Vice President, Finance & Business Development, NTSG

​Armed with an online corporate repository, the company improved communication among its complex, global teams and realized a 20% to 30% gain in efficiency. 

The Situation

Storing and sharing information across a complex network of field engineers and corporate internal staff, partners, and customers is vital to the success of NTSG’s engagements. Geographically dispersed teams must sort through numerous engineering drawings, network designs, project management schedules, and testing data to find the information they need every day.

The Problem

Using standard communication tools such as email, FTP sites, and internal servers to manage and share information was inefficient, as there were difficulties transmitting large files and managing document change control. The company knew it needed a better solution.

The Implications

Some of the biggest names in the telecommunications and cable industries hire NTSG to help deploy optical networking solutions for their Fortune 500 clients. The firm has built its impressive client base with a laser focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence. NTSG realized that streamlining its information management processes would deliver improvements in both areas.

The Solution

NTSG turned to Intralinks ExchangesTM to help make internal and external communications more efficient and secure. With Intralinks, when a new project is started, all relevant documents are housed within the exchange, making version control obvious and guaranteeing easy access to authorized team members and clients. In addition, the field teams can post network test results and associated documentation to the exchange in “real time”. Project managers and systems engineers can quickly retrieve this information to develop final design packages and check results, which are then packaged for the customer to access via Intralinks. 

The Result

The positive impact was immediate. The organized repository simplified the entire document management process. Now each exchange contains thousands of pages of documents, all organized so individuals can view only those files that are relevant to them. Users have speedy access to the documents they need. In addition to increased efficiencies, the exchanges enable the company to better meet customer expectations and enhance customer interactions.

The Benefit

When designing its exchange, NTSG worked closely with the IntraLinks’ customer service team. Intralinks’ staff met with NTSG to understand the firm’s business and processes. Armed with deep industry knowledge and best practices, Intralinks helped create an exchange architecture tailored to NTSG’s operations. NTSG went on to use Intralinks to streamline internal operations. Using the solution as a corporate repository has increased efficiencies and improved team collaboration across a variety of functions, including: sales, marketing, finance and human resources.