TVM Capital – en anglais

TVM Capital, une des premières sociétés de capital-risque d’Allemagne, souhaitait améliorer les communications avec les investisseurs et simplifier les opérations entre ses bureaux en Allemagne et aux États-Unis.

“For our peace of mind and that of our investors, we needed a completely secure way to store and distribute our most confidential information. That is exactly what we have with Intralinks.” 

– Joseph Moosholzer, Partner, TVM Capital

The Situation

More than 20 different investors across Europe, the U.S. and Asia participate in TVM’s six funds totaling €1.3 billion. In today’s highly competitive environment, TVM must provide outstanding service to its investors along with substantial financial returns.

The Problem

The firm sought a way to quickly distribute information that investors could access when they wanted — no matter their country, time zone or language. The solution would need to be easy to use and offer unquestioned security and confidentiality.

The Implications

Every year, the firm spent considerable time and money delivering distribution notices, tax information, personalized financial statements, news and updates to its global investor base. Often, investors couldn’t find the information when they needed it. The result was a large number of ad hoc requests from investors for back copies or duplicates of documents previously sent.

The Solution

After researching how its limited partners approached this problem in their own businesses, TVM found that many relied on Intralinks. Rather than build its own solution, TVM found that Intralinks could provide the security and features of in-house options with the lower costs and maintenance requirements. In addition, Intralinks reliability and dedication to customer support were second to none.

The Result

Along with improving investor communications, Intralinks has paid substantial dividends by streamlining business operations. Previously, the time difference between the German and U.S. finance teams slowed communications. Now, both teams use Intralinks ExchangesTM to easily upload and access documents when they need them—regardless of time zones. Given TVM’s extensive transatlantic business, the time savings and productivity gains have been significant. 

The Benefit

TVM drew upon its limited partners’ experience to follow best practices for creating its virtual dataroom and for indexing, organizing and storing documents. The firm also leveraged Intralinks’ Private Label Service to present information under the venture capital firm’s own brand, reinforcing its commitment to customer service.