Ajoutez des contrôles de sécurité centrés sur les données aux processus de travail – en anglais

Alors que les annonces de violations de données se multiplient dans la presse, les dirigeants doivent se demander comment ils peuvent éviter que l’entreprise subisse un problème de sécurité.

With the rising number of reports in the media about data breaches, executives must be asking themselves how they can prevent a security issue from happening to them. No matter what tools are being considered, it’s critical to have a handle on the information that needs protecting.

Hear guest speaker Heidi Shey, analyst, security and risk at Forrester Research, and Peter Brown, director product marketing at Intralinks, discuss:

  • What organizations are saying about DLP, secure collaboration, and rights management
  • The shift that is happening towards enabling vs. blocking technologies
  • Changing security and privacy requirements in the regulatory environment


24 June 2015