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Préparation au risque et sécurité des informations dans le monde d’aujourd’hui – en anglais

Certaines des principales tendances concernant les entreprises et leurs services juridiques créent de nouveaux risques pour le conseiller juridique de l’entreprise, spécialement dans le domaine de la gestion de l’information.

Globalization, outsourcing and the general counsel’s increasing budgetary, risk management and strategic responsibilities all require extra care, improved methods and leveraging technology in dealing with information.

This session will identify and provide mitigation strategies for some of the risks facing general counsel, including:

  • Losing track of corporate information
  • Inability to manage & track contracts through their lifecycle
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Transmitting legal documents in insecure ways
  • Safeguarding the security of sensitive corporate documents