Confidentialité des données : Où dois-je héberger mes données ? – en anglais

Cet article souligne l’importance de la géographie pour les systèmes de cloud au moment où les outils professionnels de partage de fichiers et de collaboration sont plus largement utilisés.

As enterprise file sharing and collaboration tools become more widely used, it becomes increasingly important to understand how to protect information and preserve data privacy.

In the age of Edward Snowden and the NSA, there are increasing concerns about data privacy and especially about where to house data. The prevalence of cloud computing and cloud-based storage and collaboration services is only exacerbating these concerns. Many organizations are confused about regulations that protect data in different countries and jurisdictions, and don’t know what steps to take to ensure their cloud collaboration vendor can provide adequate safeguards.

While pushback and reform efforts are evolving, the reality remains that companies must operate within the law. Deciding where to house your data and how to move it is an exercise in both understanding the relevant legal regimes and the appropriate application of risk analysis in the decision-making process.