Créer des portails de collaboration externes sécurisés basés sur SharePoint – en anglais

Ce livre blanc examine une solution idéale pour profiter d’un investissement dans une infrastructure SharePoint avec des extensions rapides à déployer, faciles à mettre en œuvre et représentant un coût total de possession inférieur.

SharePoint is right — and wrong — for external collaboration

SharePoint has become a leading internal content management and collaboration platform for many enterprises. While the behind-the-firewall use of SharePoint has serves many organizations well, business teams that have benefited from improved internal collaboration are now looking to extend these same productivity gains to their inter-enterprise collaboration processes.

Unfortunately, extending SharePoint for inter-enterprise applications introduces a number of IT challenges, including content protection and security, user governance and support, and initial and on-going infrastructure and license costs.

This white paper explores a solution that represents the ideal option for leveraging an enterprise's existing investment in SharePoint infrastructure with extensions that are fast to deploy, easy to implement and represent an overall lower total cost of ownership.