Gérer l’information au sein de l’entreprise étendue – en anglais

Un aperçu des cinq risques de gestion de l’information principaux pour le conseiller juridique de l’entreprise

Regardless of the relationship, tracking and managing critical information across a business can create significant challenges for general counsel. Both the introduction of mobile devices and persistent paper-based method of managing documents continue to create the potential for risk.

While devices that enable the user to multi-task can be convenient and efficient, they also pose complex problems for in-house legal teams responsible for data management, protection, and preservation. In an environment where simply reinstalling the operating system on a computer a year after filing suit without first saving the electronic version of key documents could warrant a small spoliation sanction of $15,000,2 or $3.2 million for intentionally deleting unallocated space contrary to an order directing the parties to refrain from disposing of relevant records, corporate legal departments must be hypersensitive to data concerns.

Paper-based document storage still exists across many enterprises as well, meaning that key pieces of corporate information could be sitting in binders or filing cabinets. This often makes it difficult to locate, assemble, and review key documents within short timelines. Before using the IntraLinks platform Memorex’s legal department, for example, had the headache of managing tens of thousands of documents through a system of paper-based binders. By creating a single solution for document storage, the time it took them to send documents to Hong Kong went from three days to ten minutes.