Gestion inter-entreprises, sécurisée et conforme des documents : 2e partie – en anglais

Les entreprises de toutes tailles cherchent de nouvelles méthodes pour collaborer au-delà des quatre murs du lieu de travail traditionnel. 

This whitepaper defines the SaaS delivery model, details the business benefits of online workspaces and provides examples of how this new approach supports critical information exchange across industries.

In part one of this two-part white paper series, we discussed how today’s increasingly turbulent global and competitive business environment is fueling the need for a new, more efficient and more effective exchange of information and ideas across enterprises.

Escalating financial concerns and intensifying competition are forcing business executives to strive for more effective and secure communications among an increasingly dispersed and mobile workforce, and with external parties including consultants, subcontractors, partners, clients, advisors, suppliers, investors and more. These trends are driving corporations of all sizes to seek new methods of encouraging collaboration beyond the four walls of the traditional workplace.

In addition, business managers are seeking more streamlined processes to meet their communications and collaboration needs while also satisfying their information protection, security and compliance requirements. Examples of business-critical and document-centric processes that can benefit from a new approach to document management include:

  • Financial transactions (acquisitions, divestitures, loan and lease syndication, real estate sales, capital raising, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance and audit processes
  • Alliance, partnership, joint venture and licensing management
  • RFP and large-scale project management
  • Investor reporting and board of directors communication