Pour le service juridique – en anglais

Apprenez comment partager au-delà du firewall d’entreprise de façon plus libre et plus productive, tout en diminuant le risque associé à la gestion des documents et à la gouvernance de l’information.

We provide corporate legal departments with the ability to easily manage critical information across their extended teams by providing a secure, controlled and auditable cloud-based repository for the management and exchange of legal content. 

In the role of General Counsel (GC), implementing and maintaining transparent operations with effective and efficient processes is imperative to having a clear picture. When you add the growing surge of privacy and compliance regulations that impact how sensitive legal documents are managed, the pressure to manage information carefully to avoid risk and ensure productivity is significant, and increasing. 

Read our GC fact sheet to learn how Intralinks VIA for Legal is set-up to solve the modern day legal department dilemma.