Intralinks Designer Release Notes


This document describes new functionality and defects that have been resolved in Intralinks Designer 5.x.

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5.3E3 - April 2017

  • In the previous release, if multiple postings were made in Filesplit to different folders in the same exchange and permissions or alerts were delayed, when permissions or alerts were activated, the activation succeeded only for the documents for the first posting performed. Permissions and alerts for subsequent postings would not be activated. That problem has been resolved.

    Previously, if multiple postings were made in Filesplit to different folders in the same exchange, then if a user tried to roll back all the postings, the first posting would be rolled back, but the subsequent posting rollbacks would not succeed.

5.3E2 - March 2017

  • In the previous release, if you selected Option 1, Use Word Template and Excel Data, in Filesplit and then attempted to match fields between the Word template and the Excel file, no menus were displayed for the Unique Identifier and Microsoft Excel Column fields, and no auto-matching was performed. Those problems have been fixed. 

5.3 - February 2017

The following changes have been made to Intralinks Designer and its FileSplit component:

Intralinks Designer has been updated to reflect the current Intralinks branding

  • A number of elements within Intralinks Designer have been updated to incorporate the current Intralinks branding, including the splash page, login screen, and icons on the desktop and in the System Tray and Start menu. No functionality has been changed as a result of these updates.

Filesplit supports a new permissioning exchange setting in Intralinks Classic

  • Intralinks has introduced a new method for assigning permissions to individual users and groups at the folder level in Intralinks Classic. A new exchange setting has been added to Intralinks Classic to support this permissioning method. Filesplit supports this new functionality.

Performance and usability improvements have been made to Filesplit

  • The main screen in Filesplit now appears more quickly. Previously, details about the first posting on the screen were loaded, slowing the loading of the screen. Those details no longer are displayed automatically. Other changes have been made to improve the speed with which information is displayed on the screen.
  • The workflow for the Edit Posting screen in Filesplit has been simplified. Exchange and folder selection fields now are disabled by default, but can be enabled with a change to the Intralinks Designer configuration file if access to these fields is required.
  • The amount of time required to post items has been reduced.

Intralinks Designer and Filesplit now can be used with exchanges in Intralinks’ German data center

  • Last year, Intralinks introduced a new data center in Germany that allows our clients there to comply with local data sovereignty regulations. Intralinks Designer and Filesplit now can be used with exchanges that are hosted in the German data center.

5.2 - December 2016

The following changes have been made to Intralinks Designer and its FileSplit component:

An Alert Status Report has been added to Filesplit

  • In Filesplit, a new Alert Status Report has been added to allow users to identify problems that prevented email alerts from being sent to investors. This report can be generated by right-clicking on a posting for which alerts were sent and selecting Alert Status Report. The report shows the name of each recipient, the date and time each alert was sent, the name of the document associated with the posting, and the status of each alert.

  • The Alerts Status Report cannot be generated until permissions and alerts have been activated for the selected posting.

Maintenance notices now appear in Intralinks Designer and Filesplit

  • Messages now appear to warn Intralinks Designer users if system maintenance is planned or underway for the Intralinks Platform and users’ ability to access their exchanges is impacted. When mainentance is planned, a message advises users that maintenance is planned for a particular time frame on a particular day and that the service will be unavailable during that time. If a user launches Intralinks Designer while maintenance is underway, a message informs the user that the service is offline, but the user can continue to work in offline mode but must save his changes before exiting Intralinks Designer.

  • In Filesplit, a check will be performed before posting, and a message will be displayed if maintenance on the Intralinks Platform is underway. If it is, the user’s changes will be saved, and the user will be returned to the postings list. Filesplit cannot be used in offline mode.

In Filesplit, users can save template and data file attribute settings

  • Users now can save frequently used template and data file attributes, such as group, folder and document names when they save posting settings. This change can be used for all posting types. It is available for Intralinks Platform only. It cannot be used when posting to an IL5 workspace.

5.1E1 - November 2016

  • Previously, if a user lost network connectivity while posting in Filesplit, the posting process would stop and could not be completed. That problem is resolved. Additionally, if the exchange was unfrozen to allow posting, a message will appear to let the user know that the exchange must be refrozen by logging into Intralinks Platform in a web browser.

  • Previously, if a user lost network connectivity while uploading files using Intralinks Designer, the upload process would stop and could not be completed. That problem has been resolved.

5.1 - October 2016

The following changes have been made to Intralinks Designer:

Support has been added for new German data center

  • In order to meet our European clients’ data sovereignty requirements, Intralinks has added a data center based in Germany. Documents placed in this data center are processed there and are uploaded and downloaded directly from that location. Information Rights Management (IRM) protection, encryption and decryption, virus scanning, page counting and application of watermarks all are performed in Germany. None of the contents of this data center are processed in the United States or other locations.

    This version of Intralinks Designer provides support for the new German data center. The functionality of this version is otherwise the same as the previous version.

    Note that exchanges from the U.S. or U.K. data center cannot be cloned to the German data center, or vice versa.

5.0M10 - October 2016

The following change has been made to Intralinks Designer and its FileSplit component:

  • In FileSplit, messaging has been improved in situations where postings cannot be posted or rolled back (for example, because of a break in network connectivity). If the exchange was unfrozen to allow posting or rolling back, the user will be alerted that the exchange cannot be refrozen because of the connectivity problem and will be directed to log into Intralinks Platform on the web and refreeze the exchange manually.

    If the affected exchange still is unfrozen when the user restarts Intralinks Designer, the user will see a message giving them the option to freeze the exchange.

5.0M5 - September 2016

The following changes have been made to Intralinks Designer and its FileSplit component:

  • In FileSplit, a message now appears to alert users if a synchronization fails or is partially complete. The message includes a button that provides access to the sync log, where more information can be found.

  • Warning messages now are displayed if you attempt to access an exchange that exceeds the limits configured for your system for maximum number of documents, users, groups, folders or permissions. Messages also appear if there is insufficient computer memory to run Intralinks Designer or FileSplit. These messages are informational and you can continue working if they appear, but the application’s performance may be slowed, or the application may quit unexpectedly.

5.0 - August 2016

The following changes have been made to Intralinks Designer and its FileSplit component:

  • A number of changes have been made to improve the performance and stability of the FileSplit component of Intralinks Designer.

  • In Intralinks Designer and FileSplit, informational messages have been added to warn users when there is insufficient memory to run these applications, or if the exchange selected for posting is larger than recommended. If these messages appear, the user can choose to continue working, but the applications’ performance may be slowed.

  • In FileSplit, the posting flow has been modified to improve its efficiency. During posting, a progress indicator now appears, and when posting is complete, a message appears asking the user to view the posting log for detailed information about the posting, including any errors that might have occurred. The rollback process has been similarly changed.

  • If a user attempts to post to an exchange that has been frozen, the exchange will be unfrozen to allow posting to continue and will be refrozen when posting is complete. Previously, users were required to unfreeze and refreeze exchanges manually.

  • Users now are prevented from changing the shared path for FileSplit to a subfolder, which would cause issues for other people using FileSplit.

  • If a user attempts to exit Intralinks Designer or FileSplit while posting is underway, a message now appears alerting the user that the posting is not complete and asking if the user wants to wait for posting to finish before exiting.
  • Informational messages and reports have been updated to improve their accuracy and clarity.