Intralinks VIA® Pro Keeps Rothschild & Co Executives Connected on the Go

Rothschild & Co is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups. Its Global Advisory division has an informed and impartial perspective to help clients reach their goals through the design and execution of strategic M&A and financing solutions.


Rothschild & Co’s executives travel extensively around the country to meet with clients. Working in an industry that relies heavily on complex and detailed information, Rothschild & Co normally relies on emails to send documents to each other and to clients.

However, when travelling, the sheer size of the documents that need to be shared made it impossible to email them. While it would be possible for executives to receive and review the documents, editing them was out of the question. The alternative was to either carry many hundreds of pages of documentation while travelling or to wait until the executive was in the office to respond. The former was cumbersome and impractical, while the latter meant it could take hours or days to respond to documents that could be time-critical. The business therefore needed a way to share files securely outside the organisation’s firewalls.


Having worked with Intralinks in the past for virtual data room solutions, Rothschild elected to use Intralinks’ VIA Pro file sharing solution to solve the issue. Fast to set up and user friendly, VIA Pro is accessed through a web browser or a mobile app, making it perfect for travelling executives.

VIA Pro leverages Intralinks’ world-class, best-of-breed security backbone to underpin the solution, delivering bank-level security that is far stronger than any other web-based document storage tool. Intralinks draws on its experience as a virtual data room provider to deliver this unparalleled level of security.


Intralinks VIA Pro has made travelling easier for Rothschild & Co’s executives because they can easily download documents for review while they’re travelling. They can read and mark up the documents using their tablets worry-free, because VIA Pro is underpinned with bank-grade security and infrastructure, and thus is fully compliant with all data security requirements.

The solution was quick to set up and is easy to use. As a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, users can get started immediately. VIA Pro integrates with Outlook® so users don’t have to log in to different websites to use it. They can work straight from their desktop or synch to their mobile devices.

Transferring large, commercially-sensitive files outside the corporate firewall on an ad hoc basis had been proving troublesome for Rothschild & Co. VIA Pro was up and running in a single day and immediately solved this issue. The simplicity and ease of use enabled the solution to be scaled across the entire Australian organisation.

Aleksandar Zlatkovic, director, Rothschild & Co, said, “VIA Pro has been nothing short of lifechanging for us. It’s one of the most innovative things Intralinks has brought out. We now have access to the information we need, when we need it. We no longer have to wait until we’re in the office or print reams of paper. Instead, we can securely access and edit documents on the fly, keeping us productive no matter where we’re located. We also have access to documents whilst offline which was a limitation of our previous system. Executives can focus on client outcomes without being held up by systems and paperwork.”

About Rothschild & Co

Rothschild Global Advisory provides impartial, expert advice to large and mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs and governments. Its teams design and execute strategic M&A and financing solutions for its clients and act as a trusted partner, taking a long-term and independent view on the challenges they face.

The division’s deep understanding of financial markets, the high volume of transactions it advises on, and its unrivalled network of industry and financing specialists in 40 countries, provide clients with a distinct perspective that allows the division to achieve outstanding results for its clients, and act as their most trusted advisers over the long term.

Rothschild & Co has more than 50 years of experience in Australia, with more than 30 bankers based full-time in our offices in Sydney and Melbourne as well as having a formal alliance with New Zealand’s leading independent corporate adviser, Cameron Partners Limited with 16 bankers operating from Auckland and Wellington.

17 August 2018