Digitally Transforming Subpoena Response

Find out why financial institutions are turning to Intralinks to save time and money, and mitigate legal risk in the subpoena response process.

In this webinar, Intralinks hosted a discussion of the challenges and opportunities in responding to document subpoenas. As banks and other institutions face increasing numbers of subpoena requests – often in the hundreds weekly – they are increasingly drawn to highly secure SaaS solutions such as Intralinks to respond quickly, easily and in a 100-percent audited fashion. Shifting from paper-based processes to a SaaS solution also results in significant savings in shipping and labor costs, and largely eliminates the challenges of lost passwords for encrypted media, damaged CDs, misdirected packages, etc.

The speakers included: moderator Paul Loefstedt, senior account technology specialist at Intralinks; David Freeman, senior process manager at Capital One running the Subpoena Fulfillment Team; Dominic Brown, field CTO for North America at Intralinks, and Julio Martinez, senior associate counsel at Intralinks.

Watch this webinar below to learn:

  • Subpoena response background
  • Challenges with the current state
  • Intralinks subpoena delivery solution

15 July 2019