Dealcentre and VDRPro Secure Viewer – Now Available


Highlights for the month include:

  • DealCentre: Product Launch
    • DealCentre is our new platform for end-to-end dealmaking – from deal inception through deal close – allowing users to manage the entire deal lifecycle from a single platform.
    • In this initial release, dealmakers can create deal record and set deal stages.
    • Users can self-launch Deal Prep VDRs, no longer needing to contact a CSM to provision a Deal Prep room – saving time and allowing users to kickoff deals faster.
  • VDRPro: Secure Viewer (US, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia)
    Secure Viewer for VDRPro users is available across the above listed DCN mountpoints, providing users with a fast and efficient way to view IRM-protected documents within browsers.

For more detailed release information, product guides and additional resources for all our products, please click here.