Dealcentre, Mobile and AI Redaction Enhancements


Highlights for the month include:

  • DealCentre: New Updates
    • Introduction of Deal Landing Page - Interactive teaser for the deal to be seen by all parties invited to the deal. Users can click and view a deal, while seamlessly viewing deal attributes.
    • Introduction of Deal Notes feature – To be used to track early stage deal activity.
    • Document Tab – Intuitive design that allows users to easily keep track of all deal documents going forward, with nearly 50% faster upload times. Also allows users to store more information in the deal beyond what may be shared with buyers.
  • Mobile: Additional Privileges and Secure Viewer
    Users can set additional privileges for a particular group at the folder level (Android) and the app has been integrated with the new Secure Viewer service, allowing for a smoother and safer document viewing experience.
  • AI Redaction: Improved UX
    Users are now able to begin the redaction process from within the editor, saving time and providing an improved user experience.

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