Deal Leaks

2019 SS&C Intralinks M&A Leaks Report

Deal leaks have been drying up for two years running. Find out why in our new report.


Each year SS&C Intralinks and the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, London, examine thousands of worldwide M&A transactions, looking for unique signals of significant pre-announcement trading that indicate M&A deal leaks.

The results, published in this annual report, highlight trends in deal leaks by country and sector, and analyze the risks and rewards associated with leaking deals.

Download the 2019 SS&C Intralinks M&A Leaks Report now and discover:

  • Why deals get leaked – risk/reward scenarios
  • Why leaks are declining overall, globally
  • In which countries and sectors have deal leaks increased and decreased 

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“Deal leaking is down, but the stakes remain high ... In 2018 the difference in the median target takeover premium for leaked deals compared to non-leaked deals was USD 68.1 million, i.e., an average of an extra USD 68.1 million accrued to the shareholders of the targets in deals that leaked. This was the highest ‘leak premium’ difference for three years.”

- Philip Whitchelo, VP, Intralinks

Download the Intralinks M&A leaks report