Energy M&A Report 2021

Power fluctuations: Energy dealmaking in North America and Asia Pacific is charging up, while Latin America is experiencing outages, and some smaller markets are falling off the grid. What’s ahead for energy M&A?

The global energy deals markets are in a hybrid state. Among the world’s energy producers, current hydrocarbon energy reserves are a big factor in determining the speed of recovery and return to productive energy dealmaking. But equally important is social infrastructure: Regions best able to absorb the impacts of COVID-19 are recharging much more robustly, and deals there are executing faster and at higher value.

Download our report, Energy M&A Report 2021, produced through collaboration with Acuris, for a look at the market forces that are shaping energy dealmaking. We surveyed 25 dealmakers from APAC, EMEA, North America and Latin America for their observations and sentiments on M&A and investment trends in the energy sector. In this report you’ll find insights on:

  • Deal trends by region
  • Deal drivers and drags
  • The distressed M&A opportunity
  • How deal execution has changed
  • The rise of ESG and renewables

Download it now and tap into the latest currents in energy dealmaking.

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