Life Sciences: Is a Blockbuster Wave of M&A Coming?

COVID-19 drove some sectors to the brink of extinction. But in Life Sciences, the pandemic triggered massive digital migration, process innovation and facilities expansion, resulting in refreshingly robust performance – both on balance sheets and in strategic activity.

Download our new report, Life Sciences: Is a Blockbuster Wave of M&A Coming?, produced in association with PitchBook, to discover if this uptrend will continue, how to find the best opportunities amidst the torrent, and how to detect risks hidden amidst the optimism. Learn about:

  • Priorities emerging from 2020-21 deal activity
  • Current active deal profiles: size, value and volume
  • How tech ecosystems are consolidating industry processes and partnerships
  • The growth of Digital Health segments, like Telehealth
  • Regional M&A trends and cross-border opportunities

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