Industrials & Industrial Tech: A New Wave of M&A is Coming

In this continuingly chaotic environment, Industrials face challenges at every turn, from supply chain vulnerabilities to pricing volatility to tech investment shortfalls.

Companies pursuing M&A deals must make proactive and defensive investments, such as digitizing to make COVID-weakened supply chains more resilient and protectively managing financials complicated by fiscal support from governments and still recovering demand.

Our new market brief, Industrials & Industrial Tech: A New Wave of M&A is Coming, probes the latest market performance data provided by PitchBook to understand the scars in the M&A landscape left behind by the pandemic and the particular challenges and opportunities facing the Industrials and Industrial Tech sectors. This new report features:

  • Comparison of the two sectors by deal activity over the past decade
  • Current M&A deal volumes in both sectors
  • Venture capital investment in Industrial Techs
  • Regional activity breakouts in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific
  • Expected market impacts and conditions for the coming year

Download this important new market brief for a sharper picture of the Industrials and Industrial Tech M&A markets, and clear insights on finding a path forward.

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