Security and Governance

Cloud computing lowers costs, increases efficiency and provides a flexible approach to provisioning IT services and solutions. But is the cloud secure? Can you entrust your sensitive data to the cloud where managing security, privacy, integrity and compliance is challenging? Maintaining lifetime control over high-value information poses unique data governance and operational issues, especially as regulatory pressures increase.

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Information Security

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report

Companies must place cloud security within the context of each company’s overall information security and governance program, which includes risk management, data governance and industry regulation compliance. Enterprise-grade security provides comprehensive access controls at the application, infrastructure and process levels, covering information at rest, in use and in transit.

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Data Privacy and Data Sovereignty

Ovum Report: Cutting the Red Tape

New data sovereignty laws are forcing every business to re-evaluate how they protect personally identifiable information and meet stringent new legal requirements. Global organizations need to understand the impact of emerging regulations on core business processes, consider how to manage risk and adjust their IT strategy – or face the possibility of severe financial penalties and lasting reputational damage.

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Regulatory Compliance

Dodd-Frank Impact Webinar

Industries such as financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance face increasing regulatory and reporting burdens. Even organizations in traditionally unregulated sectors are being scrutinized in how they manage and control sensitive and personally identifiable information.

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Intralinks Data Security Risk Assessment 

Data Security Assessment

When it comes to file sharing, how secure is your company? Use this online risk assessment tool to assess your information safety – and see how you stack up against your peers. Intralinks will evaluate your company and benchmark the results against others that participated in the Ponemon Institute survey. 

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