Expert Insights: How Companies Are Aligning Priorities in a Rapidly Shifting Market

In this 30-minute conversation with Alvarez & Marsal Managing Directors Paul Aversano and Richard Jenkins, learn how companies have shifted from just surviving the initial impact of the crisis into recovery planning – and ultimately into a mode of resurgence. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • How companies should be prioritizing liquidity and employing short-term cash management strategies.
  • When should organizations be thinking about a formal restructuring process?
  • How should corporate leaders be setting their priorities in such a fluid environment?
  • How the “pause button” that many companies have pressed provides leaders with an opportunity to evaluate their business operations through a fresh lens.
  • Practical thoughts on the key factors leadership teams should be considering as they plan for reopening their businesses, once they’re allowed to do so.

In this environment of economic uncertainty, it’s important to lean on the experts.

Watch these excerpts from the full interview:

What effect is COVID-19 having on short-term cash management strategies?

How should leaders prioritize in the current COVID-19 environment?

Relative to liquidity, how do you reconcile spending cuts and operational effectiveness?

What are business leaders saying about opening their business back up post COVID-19?


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Tombstone: Westinghouse

USD4.6 billion

Westinghouse has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Brookfield Business Partners for USD4.6 billion.
Tombstone: Waypoint Leasing Holdings

USD650 million

Waypoint Leasing Holdings
Waypoint Leasing Holdings has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Macquarie Group for USD650 million.
Tombstone: Sears

USD9.7 billion

Sears and related assets have been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by ESL Investments for USD9.7 billion.
12 May 2020