How to Prepare for Restructuring-Driven M&A in an Uncertain Market

When it’s time to reorganize, timing is everything.

Watch our webinar to learn from our experts how restructuring processes are evolving and how companies can leverage technology solutions to automate and expedite key steps in the journey.

Learn more about:

  • The state of the M&A market, restructuring trends and advice on navigating sell-side and capital raising projects
  • Perspectives on the complexities associated with divestitures and asset sales instigated by restructuring events and how to alleviate some of these challenges by using technology solutions
  • Demo of our new Deal Marketing solution, which provides key insights on buyer behavior and automates tasks during this critical stage of the M&A process

Original Broadcast Date:
June 10, 2020

39 minutes

Joseph Lauritzen, SS&C Intralinks, Vice President, Advisory Sales
Ben Collins, SS&C Intralinks, Director, Strategy & Product Marketing 
Justin Nowicki, SS&C Intralinks, Sr. Manager, Product
Neil Gupta, SSG Capital Advisors, Managing Director 


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US$9.45 billion

Sempra Energy
Sempra Energy used Intralinks for its restructuring of Energy Future Holdings for an estimated USD 9.45 billion.

US$1.828 billion

Whiting Petroleum Corp used Intralinks to complete a debt restructuring transaction with Creditors, in a transaction valued at USD 1.828 billion.
Tombstone: Weatherford International

USD2.5 billion

Weatherford International
Weatherford has completed a debt for equity restructuring with creditors.
Tombstone: Takata Corporation

USD1.6 billion

Takata Corporation
Takata Corporation has been acquired out of Japanese and US bankruptcy by Key Safety Systems for USD1.6 billion.