How Top M&A Dealmakers Utilize Technology to Their Advantage

Watch our virtual roundtable to learn how leading corporate development dealmakers and advisors get M&A deals done efficiently in the current restrictive environment.

Co-hosted by Intralinks and Divestopedia, How Top M&A Dealmakers Utilize Technology to Their Advantage brings you insights into how your peers are using technology and best practices and advice on how to leverage technology for each stage of the deal – from deal sourcing through due diligence and successful integration – and dive into these and other topics: 

  • How to overcome hesitation to incorporate technology to facilitate deal execution
  • Key areas where technology has significantly improved M&A processes
  • The most important action M&A professionals can take to leverage technology more effectively


Ben Collins, Director, Strategy & Product Marketing

John Carvalho, President, Stone Oak Capital LLC &

Kenneth Marks, Founder and Managing Partner High Rock Partners Inc.

Eric Jones, Corporate Development, goPuff

45 Minutes

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22 October 2020