With a crisis seemingly at every turn, It may feel like nothing is moving forward in the world of finance. But the fact remains, we are marching inexorably toward the LIBOR deadline – just over one year away – and the impacts are already being felt.

At our recent webinar, LIBOR: GBP Focus, co-sponsored by, our panel engaged in a candid discussion on the current and future impacts upon our markets of the LIBOR transition – as $400 trillion in contracts must be updated. Topics include:

  • Swap market and futures market liquidity 
  • What the CCP Discounting Switch will mean for liquidity 
  • When will LIBOR die?
  • Best practices for contract remediation

Running Time
60 minutes


  • Duncan Wood, Editorial Director, Infopro Digital
  • María R. Nogueiras, Global Head of Collateral Risk Analytics, HSBC
  • Ivan Jossang, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Heidi Harrison, Principal Sales Engineer, Intralinks
29 September 2020