Bracing for the Pressure to Make Deals Work from Day One

Is the deal cycle spinning out of control? Learn how to stay anchored.

There’s more pressure than ever to get multiple deals done. The increasingly high expectations for immediate technology integration are unrealistic, but nonetheless pervasive. The work-from-home environment makes post-close cultural assimilation fraught with risks, while the hot job market adds pressure to even the most robust retention programs. What are the bold actions required to make high-multiple deals work, immediately? 


  • Hiran Thacker, M&A Integration, Salesforce 
  • Naomi O'Brien Senior Director, Integration and M&A, Honeywell 
  • Dan Menge, Senior Director, Head of M&A Integration, Xilinx  
  • Eric Warren, Partner, Mercer M&A Advisory Services 

Duration: 60 minutes

28 October 2021