Why Deals Leak

Why do M&A deals leak and who benefits? Intralinks, in conjunction with the M&A Research Center at the Cass Business School, conducted one of the largest-scale research projects into deal leaks and their consequences. The findings show that most leaks are deliberate, and the consequences for buyers and sellers are significant.

2017 Intralinks M&A Report

2017 Intralinks Annual M&A Leaks Report

Intralinks and Cass Business School analyze what happens if you leak a deal before its public announcement. What are the financial gains? Are regulators doing enough? Are deal leaks increasing?

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Intralinks 2016 M&A Leaks Report

Bloomberg News: Regulatory Crackdown Slows M&A Deal Leaks

Research by Cass Business School and Intralinks shows M&A deals leaks have increased despite tightening regulations. After a six-year low, deal leaks have increased. What caused the reversal and how are deals being affected? 

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Intralinks 2015 M&A Leaks Report

Intralinks M&A Leaks Report

The number M&A deal leaks are at a six-year low, while the volume of transactions is at an all-time high. What factors affect deal leaks, and what forces are at play to suppress them?

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New Insights into Deal Leaks

New Insights into Deal Leaks

Scott Moeller, Cass Business School, City University London and Brian Hwang, Director of Product Marketing, Intralinks discuss how the pre-announcement due diligence period affects deal success.

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M&A Confidential

Bloomberg News: Regulatory Crackdown Slows M&A Deal Leaks

In the research study presented here, conducted by the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School and commissioned by Intralinks, over 4,000 M&A transactions were analysed to find out: why deals get leaked, who is leaking, who benefits and what the risks are.

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Bloomberg News: Regulatory Crackdown Slows M&A Deal Leaks

Bloomberg News: Regulatory Crackdown Slows M&A Deal Leaks

According to a report examining suspicious trading, in 2014, deal leaks fell to the lowest level in six years as stronger regulation discouraged gossip.

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