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Intralinks Support

The Support Desk is often our users’ first contact with the Intralinks Support organization. We want this first contact to be a positive one.

The Support Desk is trained to handle questions on core Intralinks services and to escalate advanced technical inquires or contract-related questions – pricing, billing, special services – to the right service group. Intralinks Support Desk agents strive to provide consistent quality support across the organization.

To provide superior service to our customers, we maintain an expansive recruiting program. We pride ourselves on finding knowledgeable Support Desk staff. Once on board, agents are rigorously trained and certified on Intralinks’ technologies. Our Support Desk agents also engage in ongoing training throughout the year on both product and process, to ensure consistently successful customer experience.

Our Tier 1 desk staff is also cross-trained to handle our more frequent Technical Support questions, to help resolve many common issues early in our support cycle.

Typical Support Desk Inquiries

  • Password Reset
  • Document Access
  • How-To questions

What customers say about Intralinks' Support Desk agents

  • “The man that I spoke with was exceptional; he knew exactly what to do to fix the problem; and was patient with me.”
  • “I was impressed when your officer suggested calling me, instead of me calling her (a cost-saving measure for the user). I also appreciate the patience of your officer, as it took a while before we resolved the problem.”
  • “The help desk person was very knowledgeable and patient. It took a few minutes but he solved the problem. He did a great job.”
  • “[Agent] was very helpful, and she adapted to my level of past experience with Intralinks and addressed all my questions.”
  • “Great service by phone! Thank you for your quick resolution to my request.”
  • “I wanted to become a user on Intralinks and this went more smoothly and faster than I anticipated.”
  • “[Agent] was extremely helpful and clear. She answered all my questions. I look forward to working with her in the future.”