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Field Fisher Waterhouse: 機密性のあるコラボレーション データを安全に保管しながら、規制の順守とデータプライバシーを管理する方法

情報漏洩による影響は甚大です。 Field Fisher Waterhouseが作成したこのホワイトペーパーでは、コラボレーションと情報共有をコントロールできない場合の法律的なリスクと、その対処法について評価します。

Confidential Collaboration:
Keeping safe, legal and compliant

The implications of data loss are significant. Organizations that ignore the law affecting collaboration and information sharing are at serious risk of litigation, fines and brand damage. The paradigm shift from organizationally-defined to user-defined information governance is making it that much more difficult to maintain control of business activity and data.

This whitepaper written by Field Fisher Waterhouse evaluates the legal risks of uncontrolled collaboration and information sharing and what to do about them, while providing in-depth insights into:

  • Landmark incidents that have influenced data protection laws
  • How to navigate different jurisdictional privacy frameworks
  • Top 4 types of legal risk to protect against
  • Top 5 recommendations for implementing good governance

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