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Ovumによるこのレポートでは、情報セキュリティの課題に着目し、新世代のInformation Rights Management (IRM) テクノロジーがどのように最重要課題に直接対処するかについて探ります。

They say content is king. But if your content isn’t protected, it’s a king with no clothes.

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, and the availability of cloud services designed for consumers, can lead to improper sharing of corporate data.  Information that leaves your firewalls can live forever, and without adequate protection, can end up in the wrong hands. Ovum takes a look at the challenges of information security and explores how a new generation of Information Rights Management (IRM) technology directly addresses the most critical concerns.

Key topics include: 

  • The threat posed by Dropbox and other consumer-grade FSS providers
  • The need for lifetime control of information and content
  • The ability to perform audits, and locate files, anywhere, and who accessed them
  • How next-generation IRM technology is available to add a new layer of security to every file