KNOCK OUT Your K-1s in Record Time

Automate K-1 reporting with Intralinks Filesplit.

This K-1 season, use Intralinks Filesplit to turn your K-1 reporting into a quick, one-round event. Bring efficiency, speed and security to your K-1 statement delivery process by automating the splitting of a single document into multiple, investor-specific tax statements.

Preparing and sending hundreds of individual statements manually is a time-consuming slugfest, prone to errors. GPs can use the Intralinks Filesplit reporting automation feature to:

  • Produce more accurate reports in less time
  • Safeguard investor information
  • Comply with IRS requirements for issuing K-1s electronically
  • Eliminate instances of human error
  • Improve compliance by verifying if and when investors view their statements
  • Make the internal process for storing and managing K-1 statements more efficient

LPs are notified instantly as their reports become available on their Intralinks Exchange, where users can conveniently access all of their statements – anytime, from their desktop or mobile device.

Don’t let K-1 season knock you out. Go for the split decision – Intralinks Filesplit.

Find out how Intralinks Filesplit saves time, increases accuracy and enhances compliance.