Kira Diligence Engine

By the time you finish reading this sentence, Diligence Engine could have read this entire page.
(And analyzed every sentence.)

Kira Diligence Engine is a machine learning contract analysis tool that leverages the latest artificial intelligence technology to increase the speed and accuracy of due diligence contract review.

Now a part of Intralinks suite of deal management tools, Diligence Engine has been trusted to review millions of pages of crucial documents and has safeguarded more than $70 billion in transactions.

The world’s largest professional services firms are using Diligence Engine to:

Reduce risk
Diligence Engine detects hidden contract risks, ensures all crucial clauses are included considerably more accurately than unassisted contract review – and also mitigates overall risk by taking less time to review more content.

Rapidly isolate relevant contract provisions
With a growing bank of covered contract provisions and the potential for users to add customized provisions, Kira Diligence Engine ensures that you include only the information you need for your deal or contract.

Customize Diligence Engine for your needs
Diligence Engine allows users to teach the platform the meaning of new content and concepts, thereby leveraging existing research to expedite future projects.

Make decisions faster
Kira takes over reviewing standard clauses, so your team can focus onto the particulars of the deal – and respond faster.

Manage the review process
Built-in tools allow you to assign documents to reviewers, keep track of which documents or provisions have been reviewed, escalate problems, and much more.

Kira Diligence Engine. Secure, intuitive, and accurate.

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