Intralinks Virtual Data Room

In a world where time is money, physical data rooms can become costly, fast. Intralinks provides secure, virtual data rooms (VDRs) that accelerate due diligence and dramatically reduce M&A costs, possibly by up to 95.1%.

With over 20 years’ experience in highly regulated markets, we’ve served 99% of the Fortune 1000 and currently facilitate over 6,000 transactions annually. Making our VDRs the leading solution for M&A due diligence.

Why use a VDR? Save travel time and expense, set-up quickly and easily, decrease admin work and reduce the chance of human error. Use Intralinks to:

  •  Secure confidential documents without plugins
  •  Prepare your data room using auto-indexing and bulk-upload for free before going live
  •  Manage users and documents anytime, anywhere with our secure mobile apps

“To do business with a global audience in a secure, timely and cost effective way meant we needed to implement a virtual data room. Intralinks provided a truly excellent solution and exceptional service. We will definitely use Intralinks again in the future for al M&A transactions”

Tony Seeto
Chairman and Financial Director
IW Management Services, Hong Kong

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