Intralinks Platform

Information Rights Management 

Total control over your content.

The way we work, share, and collaborate has changed. We now work within the cloud, where traditional firewalls and VPN's no longer offer the best possible defense against vulnerabilities and external threats. The enterprise needs to maintain absolute control over its content, regardless of where it resides or travels.

Today’s enterprise needs Information Rights Management (IRM).

Intralinks IRM by design™ protects your most critical content no matter how or where it is shared, or with whom. Get complete, end-to-end control over your information at the file level, for the entirety of its lifecycle — without ever impeding collaboration and productivity.

Intralinks IRM provides:

Plug-in free security: A seamless experience for content creators and collaborators.

Lifetime protection: Control extends throughout the lifecycle of the document, whether at rest, in transit, or in-use — regardless of location or device. 

Ultra-precise document controls: Manage the protection of PDFs and Microsoft Office files with explicit, individual permissions, such as view, edit, save, and print.

Dynamic Policy Management: Rights and permissions may be updated and revoked even after a file has been downloaded.

Encryption is the armor.

Firewalls only protect environments. IRM safeguards the document itself by encrypting the file — even if a vulnerability or leak threatens the perimeter, the encrypted file always remains protected.

Each document is assigned a unique encryption key, and asymmetric cryptography is used in the distribution of the key to each user. Anyone attempting to open the file will only be sent the decryption key over a secured transport channel once they are authenticated.

The tracking device.

The Intralinks platform maintains a complete audit trail of all files and user interactions, aiding organizations in regulatory compliance. Individual permissions to view, edit, save, or print may be as easily applied as they can be revoked — even remotely. Intralinks IRM gives administrators the power to immediately revoke access privileges when an employee leaves the organization or their role within the enterprise has changed.